10 Places in Dublin to get Coffee after 5pm

November 23, 2015 – Cafe culture, Culture

Look, we’re all caffeine addicts and that’s totally ok. And sometimes with that Wednesday morning hangover, a coffee before noon is actually a bit too much (or not enough) for our delicate stomachs, and it’s only when the cruel sun finally begins to wane that we start to come alive and feel ourselves again and reach for that sweet sweet caffeine to find that the cafe has rudely closed at 5pm. Terrible. Miserable. Unfair. All I wanted was coffee after 5pm

Here to save us, I have lovingly compiled ten places in Dublin where you can

Get coffee after 5pm

Coffee after 5pm

(You can thank me by direct postal order, or a cheque, or by delivering riches to my home or place of caffeine intake)

1. Storbocks, Costa, Insomnia.

(varies store to store.)

All these only count as one because they’re chains and the coffee is only alright and the atmosphere is meh. Also because the opening times vary so much from store to store. Costa make it basically impossible to navigate their website itself, and their facebook page fills me with rage, and the store locator built into their facebook page is broken. I lost hope and gave up.

  • Starbucks: besides the 24hr on Stephen’s Green, most of their city centre stores are open until around nine or ten. And filter coffee is cheap and usually had free refills if you’re nice and give them the wink.
  • Costa: despite making it very difficult to pin down exactly, most city centre costas are open til at least eight it seems.
  • Insomnia: the only source of information on their opening hours is this delightful pdf and the hours vary wildly, but some are open til nine, some til eight, a sprinkling until 7. So still a reasonably strong bet.

2. Accents

  • 23 Stephen Street Lower
  • Open til 11pm

accents Coffee after 5pm

Ahh, all praise Accents for being open 10am til 11pm. Even if I have to sit with uncomfortable proximity to a pandemonium of, what I’m assuming are late-teen but not yet of drinking age, couples holding and stroking each other a little too much, that is a punishment I will bear for late night coffee. I have mastered the art of averting my gaze as the two on the couch begin to writhe in that third-date-very-into-each-other-but-not-quite-sure-how-to-go-about-this-public-groping way.

Bonus points for adorable tea-pots, and treats that are ample size. So full of caramel.

3. Fallon and Byrne

  • Exchequer Street
  • Open til 9pm except Sunday

Fallon and Byrne Coffee after 5pm

Fallon and Byrne is the sort of place you can’t go into if you’re only a few hours off the session, a fact which they seem to recognise with their blessedly late opening hours. I like this place, but I can’t be doing with it before noon. So many people getting their organic vegetables for the week, the outward sign that you’ve got your South Dublin life together. The foodstore and deli section of the store if open until 9pm every day but Sunday when it closes at 7pm.

4. Foam Cafe

  • Strand Street
  • Open til 9 during the week and 10 on the weekends


Full marks for being absolutely crazytown bananapants and having a lovely website.  While possible quite loud and overbearing for the hungover mind, overall this place swings just the right side of crazy and just the right side of garish. I love it in ways I never knew I could love a late night coffee place.

5. Ink Factory

  • 15 Wellington Quay
  • Might be a tattoo parlor, but it’s also an open-til-8pm coffee location.

Ink Factory Coffee after 5pm

Side effect of this place being so nice is you may walk out with a tattoo and nice new hair cut. They use Cloud-Picker Coffee here which I have an unfair fondness for because the name is adorable. It’s also very nice coffee. I’m a fan of the lighting too, those brooklyn-y lightbulbs are cute as hell.

6. Metro Cafe

  • South William’s Street
  • Open til 8

metro Coffee after 5pm

Does exactly what it says on the tin, this place: coffee after 5pm. Usually quite crowded, but the weather dictates that. I treat this like the old reliable of relatively late night cafes. There are times when the atmosphere is a bit clattery for a quiet chat and in that case a jaunt to Clement and Pekoe is more appropriate, and there are times when the atmosphere is perfect for a certain kind of meeting. Solid cafe.

7. Kaph

  • Drury Street
  • Open til seven every day but Sunday (6pm)

Kaph Coffee after 5pm

 praise the lord. actual good coffee!

This has become my recent haunt for post-5pm coffee. The baristas have been totally charming me. I’m not sure if there’s a dedicated late crew or if I keep coming in the days these three are working but they’re class. The coffee here is the fancy hipster coffee to which my fancy hipster heart has become accustomed, and the big wide window draws me in like a moth to a flame every time. Two thumbs up for Kaph’s patient listening to my meetings about wrestling podcasts and fashion projects.

8. Avoca

  • Suffolk Street
  • Open til 7

Avoca Coffee after 5pm

This place gets bonus points in the same way Fallon and Byrne does, where you get to see middle-class women buying nice things for their house and maybe having a coffee and a devilish treat with one of their other middle class south dublin woman friends. I sorta love that. It’s like using the bathroom in Brown Thomas (which is open to everyone and much nicer than McDonalds btw) you get to see rich old ladies powdering their faces and talking about expensive things.

9. Clement and Pekoe

  • South William’s Street
  • Open til 7

Clement and Pekoe Coffee after 5pm

Chill Points for this place. It’s usually lovely a quiet in here, and the muted colours are kind to a sore head. There’s something nice about being in a place where people are drinking tea, too. They’ve such a big range of fancy teas here there’s usually someone getting something fancy. I bought super expensive white tea from here once. It’s the calming atmosphere, bro, it does things to you.

Also central to nice pubs for when you’re human enough to get a drink.

10. Queen of Tarts

  • Cow’s Lane
  • Open til 7pm


Serves coffee after 5pm, but to be honest this place isn’t famous for its coffee. There is one primary reason it might win out in your decision making process

taken from Queen of Tarts facebook page

taken from Queen of Tarts facebook page


Coffee after 5pm

6pm Teasers:

  • Indigo and Cloth
  • Tamp and Stitch
  • Industry (but 7pm on Thursdays!)
  • Cake Cafe Pleasant Place
  • The Bakehouse

Useful map:

Late places in colour and in order of lateness, 6pm teasers plain red markers.