Cobalt Café & Gallery

October 21, 2014 – Cafe culture

Do you want a change of scenery from the south-side café culture? North of the Liffey is home to many charming coffee houses. Take a stroll there today.

North Great George’s street, with all its greatness, is home to the Irish Georgian Society and the James Joyce Cultural Centre. A hill of five storey houses wearing chests of coloured leaves and a rainbow of pastel coloured doors which I can only imagine leads you into the 17th century.



A light stroll up the hill lives the Cobalt Café & Gallery; the Cobalt occupies the ground floor of an elegant Georgian building. A mother, father and daughter help serve up delicious lunches consisting of giant bowls of soup, stuffed steamy panini’s and home-made treats. It’s rich in exquisite interior, classical music and bright windows with charming views.



If you and a dear friend are struggling to decide where to meet for your next catch up, why not jump into another time zone and get lost for an hour? We most definitely did so.



Opening hours: 10am – 4pm

Words & photography: Seana Henry