Blue Moon Lost Wednesdays Nov 26th

November 26, 2014 – Culture


Three years ago Homebeat was started with the (more or less conscious) intention of putting on events that broke down the barrier between the audience and the artist, and a recognition that the framing of these events in a space that encouraged this kind of interaction was key to the success of creating this, well, feeling. I’m not sure we could have articulated that ‘feeling’ to you the same way back then as I just did there, but it’s very clear to me now, looking back over the past three years, that the principles from which our very little, very insignificant, but very heartfelt enterprise has sprung, are part of a wider up-swelling of beliefs across the creative community here in Dublin.

For too long we were force fed pre-packaged entertainment or ‘art’ with little thought to presentation, or anything much else bar the bottom line it seemed. So it’s not surprising that in the vacuum that followed the downturn, the creative community who had stuck it out in the doldrums here, and returning travelers who had journeyed to Berlin, Melbourne, London, New York, The World Over, and saw what was happening in those creatively rich centre’s, suddenly, with reduced commercial rents and increased confidence took the chance to restore a sense of community in all facets of how we interact with life here in Dublin – in how we eat, travel, communicate, exercise, and how we enjoy ourselves.

This infusion of community spirit has been so tangible in so much of what has made Dublin such a livable city over the past 5 years. It has injected a warmth into the veins of a city that was fast becoming the glass heart of a country obsessed with the ice cold concept of money first at all costs.  One of the most exciting things to come from this is the seemingly unstoppable drive to open up new spaces for creative pursuits, and just as exciting – the recognition by traditional institutions such as the RHA, that in order to stay relevant in the artistic community they need to adopt an open door policy, which I see as a reflection of this wider community driven ethos in the city. There is no point having a beautiful gallery space if it’s not patronized by the artistic community, and even more so, where is the future if not in the young community who will be the life blood of these institutions for years to come?

So we are really thrilled to be co-curating this really special Lost Wednesdays night of live music, art, spoken word, artists talks, food and of course craft beer in the unbelievably beautiful, chic and prestigious surrounds of the RHA Gallery. Not only does it allow us to play in one of the most wonderful spaces in the city, it also allows us to indulge our passionate belief that we are all very rounded in our creative interests these days, so to put on a night with so many diverse offerings is really exciting.

On the Night

Through-out the space on the night we will have live music performed by highly nuanced Irish producer Somadrome , the bright beats and killer hooks of Little Xs For Eyes, excellent emerging indie-troncica from newcomers Participant and a completely unique slice of jazz and nu-funk by the ridiculously talented Harlem Globetrotters-esque band of Emma Garnett AKA Feather. Keeping the vibes alive in the Atrium we have Dj sets from Radio Na Life legend (and Mabos Queen) Niamh Ni Suillebhain (DJ Hula Hoops!), T/A/S/T/E DJ’s (The Grand Social) and a very special set from Sleep Theives. Delivering spoken word on the evening are a duo fresh from the unrivalled success of Lingo as a debut festival in the city – Erin Fornoff and John Cummins. We have artists talks with RHA Patrick  with the exhibiting Futures 2014 crew, and Karl Burke who’s wonderful minimalist sculptures will form the back drop of some of the performances in the space. On live visuals we have the ridiculously talented Le Tissier. Familiar to many from Body & Soul and The Electric Picnic are Belfast based travelling screen printers The Journeymen Project who will screen print your tee’s or tote bags etc. for free on the night. (bring a tee or a bag!). And to keep the party sustained we have a pig on a spit from Hog & Pop and the wonderful RHA Café Coppa Café will be open all evening.

All of that for €15 with 3 complimentary beers from our very generous sponsors Blue Moon.

It’s going to be a great evening, in a really incredible space, I can’t think of anything better to do on a Wednesday evening in November!

Lost Wednesdays Event

Words: Emmet Condon, Homebeat