Best Place for Illegal Warm Cans in Dublin

April 18, 2019 – Food & Drink, News


Ok, so now we’ve cleared that up, let me paint you a picture:

The sun is shining down on a Friday evening. The clock hits 4:30pm and suddenly the mind wanders to the thoughts of beloved Tesco larger. Crisp, refreshing and beautifully vile. You can’t resist purchasing that 6 pack of goodness, letting them go slightly warm and flake out with fellow colleges, friends and the rest of boozy Dublin.

But where do you go? What are the hotspots of our fair city for a boozy playground? WE HAVE YOU COVERED GIRL.

H&G are proud to present:

A broke boozers guide to a sunny Dublin 

The Canal Cans

Ah, The Canal. Such a beautiful monumental part of can drinking in Dublin. It’s basically the closest thing we have to Benidorm when the sun comes out. You could witness people drinking, bathing and even drunkenly walking the tight rope for your entertainment. Credits to the guy who fell in that mysteriously dark water in the summer of 2018.

One thing that has to be said is that it is PACKED with people. And I mean PACKED. You’d be needing to get out earlier and secure your place before the ruckus starts, but believe me its worth it.

It also leaves you a stones throw away from town, so you can continue the sesh upon dusk. It’s glorified pre-drinks, and I’m all for it.

The Phoenix Park Cans

Within the home of all the gorge deer and the cutest president to have ever lived lies a hot spot for a few glasses of prosecco.

Yes, I said prosecco.

I just feel that with the possibility of Micky D being in a close parameter leads to ones need to bring their best self. There is no time for weakness here, only the best will survive.

It’s an unsaid rule that one must knacker drink sparkling wines within the president’s garden (preferably presecco followed closely by an expensive ‘hurray for rose’ type bottle).

If that’s not for you, that’s fine babe. However, please respect the rules.

Here is a gorge shot of the main man livin’ it in his latest Nike brand collab x

michael d in pheniox park

The Pav Cans

Within the grounds of Ireland’s most prestigious college lies the land for boozy students. Even though I don’t attend the college, you can still catch me there among all the intellectuals pretending to be like mad clever, talking about philosophers ect.

Often times there is cricket players ruining the buzz preventing the blaring tunes, but on the right day it is pure bliss.

TOP TIP FOR BROKE BITCHES: get Prastki or Druids cans in Spar across the way to avoid having to buy beer within the bar – you will blend in delightfully and will save a few pennies.


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Drumcondra Canal Cans

OK, look – don’t @ me.

This is a controversial one – but it is the PERFECT spot. It’s an untouched paradise. I don’t know why thousands flock to the overcrowded barge sometimes. If you need a quiet cute can in Dublin, perhaps alongside a divine novel, this is for you.

I often see romance blossoming there too. First dates and cheap cans are the way forward, am I right?

**Beware, the poisonous rat-come-otter may be loose. He is so fine though and not poisonous x

Otter-come-rat at canal

The Bernard Shaw

I know what your thinking,

“eh, this is a pub”

WELL, yes that is correct. However, it has the same amount of craic, atmos and love in the smoking area than any of the listed options above. H&G styled a HopHouse 13 Brand Activation in the smoking area, and it was everything. Sometimes your cans have gotten too warm, and you feel like you are worthy of a class cold pint of an exotic hipster beer. I salute you my friend, 2019 is all about self-love.

Also, they have an amazing campaign running at the moment surrounding the outdoor drinking festive season; #BinItToWinIt.

This campaign is to prevent the beautiful crispy tin season destroying our canal with litter – it’s such a bad buzz. The beautiful folk at Bernard Shaw have decided enough is ENOUGH.

They are offering the can fans of our fair city a #BinittoWinit bag from beside the entrance for you to place your empties in whilst at the canal. When your bag is full, you can drop it off at The Shaw, and PRESTO – you have made the good buzz ever lasting and are in the rightful spot for ONE more cheeky cold one. How sound are the lads?


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