Behind closed doors with Robin & Kevin.

September 1, 2014 – Cool couples
Love. Friendship. Trust. Soulmates. We’re all about chemistry and human interaction here at Hunt & Gather so we interviewed Robin & Kevin; a creative, bright and fresh couple. This is the first of many as we aim to please!

Who are you? 

I’m Kevin, originally from Finglas and lived in Dublin most of my life. I’ve had lots of jobs and interests and it’s resulted in what I do now.

I’m Robin, I also have many interests. Food is where Kevin and I overlap but I also do illustration and a bit of gardening among other things.

Tell us a random fact about you?

K: I used to eat stones as a child, a lot of stones.

R: Someone in Canada has a tattoo of a stupid drawing I did as a teenager.

Kevin you have an keen eye for flavours and apparently you’re a self taught cook. When did you take up cooking? 

I grew up in a family that appreciated food, eating it, cooking it and finding out more about it. I cooked with my Nanny and my Mam from a fairly young age. I then lost interest in it in my late teens and rediscovered it when I moved away to become a cheese maker.

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You also host a number of dinners in your house, what made you do so and how long have you been doing it for?

I started hosting dinners two years ago. I felt that a lot of prominent bloggers only were interested in talking about what they got for free from producers. I wanted a way in which I could showcase brilliant Irish suppliers in a more positive way for the supplier.

Robin, you have spent a lot of time in Japan over the last couple of years Why are you so drawn to Japan and Japanese culture? 

“A lot” is an overstatement; people tend to assume I’ve lived there. I’ve visited twice; the last time was four years ago. What’s interested me about Japan has changed over time. Initially I was drawn in by Japanese pop culture. When I visited the first time I really enjoyed the way of life and the food. I love the language and find their traditional arts very interesting. I’ve been practising Aikido for nearly three years. When I go back in September, it will be to study Aikido more intensely. This will be my longest stay in Japan.

You’re also an excellent illustrator, how long have you been illustrating for?

Thanks. I’ve always been drawing, that’s why I studied animation – illustration courses are limited in Ireland. I worked in the industry and in that time started not enjoy it so much. So only in the last year or so I’ve turned back to illustration.

Do you have an online portfolio? 

Yep! Well, it’s a tumblr; I’m working on that when I get time.


You have a great sense of humour in a lot of your drawings would you even consider illustrating small comic or kids books?

Yeah I really want to! I’m working on an idea at the moment but it’s still in the development stage.

Okay so to get down to you guys as a couple. How/ where did you guys meet?

K: We met at a birthday party for a dog named Mose, as all great love stories start!

It seems like you’ve both had some pretty wild adventures together so far what has been the most memorable?

R: Ehmm… I feel like by the standards of your readership, nothing we’ve done is wild. Slightly unusual is more the level we’re at. Last year we got to be the live-in cooks for an artist retreat in Sligo. We were in a cottage attached to a country house in the middle of nowhere making three meals a day for a specially assembled collective of oddities. We went foraging and got regularly lashed on while looking for seaweed. That’s how it is on the west coast. It was fun.

K: It was great, a pretty weird experience at times. But we also made it through all the Harry Potter movies when we were there and battled with west coast weather.

Sorry, super cheese but you guys seem to have a perfectly complimentary relationship what are your favourite qualities about each other?

R: Generally Kevin is very positive which stops me from only seeing the problems. Except when he’s in the kitchen and it’s stressful -then he’s a moody shite.

K: I guess I like that Robin makes me work. If it wasn’t for Robin News of the Curd and Gruel Guerrilla probably wouldn’t be around. I started News of the Curd when I felt inspired to impress her and her support and drive is what has made it what it is today.

You guys have an awesome apartment in Temple Bar and you’ve started your own rooftop garden. What prompted you to start your own garden?

R: I need green space maybe because I grew up in the country. It seems to be a pattern. It’s important to me to be able to go outside my door and have fresh herbs and flowers. To live in the city centre entirely surrounded by concrete is just impossible for me.

What are you growing?

This is only the second year of it so I’m still trying things out to see what works and what we like. Last year we had lots of tomatoes, chamomile and herbs. This year I’ve planted some shrubs and dwarf trees and a lot of pumpkins as well as more strawberries and tomatoes. More flowers too.

What are your plans for the future?

R: Seeing more of the world.

K: Buy a food processor.

Words: SBK Fox