BEE-KIND GARDEN by H&G Creations

August 20, 2019 – News

BEE-KIND GARDEN by H&G Creations
Percy’s Place (on the canal)
22nd August

After a buzz-y year of creating memories through events including a haunted Halloween mansion party, an NYE palace party and a Valentine’s lovenest, we at H&G have decided to turn our gorge eyes to creating art that sparks a conversation.

This time round, we want to create a buzz about the Honey-Bee.

I mean, what’s not to love about them? They provide 35% of the worlds crop production, love a good buzz, are beyond aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, they need our help.

On the 22nd of August, H&G Creations Ltd. set to construct a stunning floral art-installation that will float at Percy’s Place on the canal.

I know, so adorable. 

Focusing specifically on Irish wild-flowers, we will be creating the installation solely out of our buzzy friends favourite pollen to speak the words copy cannot. Flowers for literal days.

Let’s get this conversation going about how you & I can do our bit to let the bees continue their deadly work.

H&G will be throwing free-bee gift packages ashore to passers-by; comprised of Irish wild-flower seeds within a burlap sack, this ready-made flower bomb will leave no excuse for you not to join the buzz. 

Bee gift pack

Best Way to Plant BeeBombs?

These little gorge gifts are best planted in Spring or Autumn.

Due to the stunning nature of wildflowers, they  take a little longer to grow. Do not fret if they don’t grow fast. You haven’t murdered them, they just sometimes take over a year to bloom (beauty takes time, so deal with it x).

Make sure you do however throw it evenly onto a clear area, making sure they have sun & rain. The soil will help them germinate and the clay will protect and dissipate your seed so you’ll have loads of gorge flowers for the bees.