Art in love – Adrian & Shane

April 20, 2015 – Cool couples

Hunt & Gather have long admired the unique stylings of artistic power couple Adrian & Shane, adorning the streets of cities all over the world with infamous stickers of themselves. Creating works that blend stereotypes and pop cultures in an explosion of candy colors, objects and typography. Traveling and exhibiting regularly around the globe, and maintaing a long lasting creative and loving relationship….they kindly took the time talk to us about life, love and art.

Could you tell us a little random fact about yourselves?

Adrian: When I climb a ladder outdoors I freak out because I have a fear that gravity will stop working and I’ll get sucked up into the sky.

Shane: When I was 12 I was hit by a car while riding my bike. Proper over the bonnet of the car and into a ditch. I wasn’t hurt and neither was the bike. So I never told my parents at the time. They still don’t know.

Your both very reputable artists, when did you decide to get into art? Is there any particular style your passionate about? And what sparked it?  Sorry bit of a loaded question…

Adrian: I’ve been painting and sketching since I was a kid. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. We never really planned to become an international art sensation, hahaha. Basically how it began was; several months after I met Shane I visited him in Glasgow. While I was there, one night after drinking a massive bottle of vodka we began making paintings as we sat on the floor of his student flat.

Shane: Within a year of that we had our first exhibition. We’ve been exhibiting fairly regularly since then. We never really chased it. Everything we do seems to happen organically.  I suppose Pop Art and popular culture in general inspires our work.

You’ve exhibited all over the world, what has been your most memorable show to date and why?

Shane: Exhibiting in Barcelona in 2011 was a big thrill. The gallery invited us to create a collection of paintings to show during their busiest time of year, August. It was very exciting, people were queueing to get into the gallery on the opening night.

I stumbled across a few of your stickers around town many moons ago, you guys have really become an infamous brand name, was this intentional?

Adrian: It’s what we were hoping would happen but you really never know how successful something is gonna be. The stickers have been spotted/photographed worldwide. We love that people recognise the image now and know that it’s us even though our name isn’t on it. Sticker packs are available in our online shop:




Any thoughts about the street art scene in Dublin, and its progression over the last 10 years?

Shane: There are some really great artists working the the streets of Dublin. The only thing that inhibits street art in Dublin is lack of space. There’s definitely no shortage of talent.

Are you currently working on any new collections?

Adrian: Yes, we’re really busy working on a collection of new prints. And people are screaming at us to make new T-shirts. We’re constantly taking photos and planning new paintings.

Its interesting that you have been able to work as one creative entity since 1998, and you are also a couple. Not everyone can work together,  and be in a relationship. What’s your secret?

Adrian: We genuinely like and respect each other. We’re together all of the time. We know each other inside out so we know when to give each other space etc.

Shane: And we try to make it fun. Do not underestimate fun and laughter.

Where did you both first meet?

Shane: We grew up in the same town, Drogheda. And we went to the same school. But we didn’t actually meet until a mutual friend introduced us at Christmas 1997.

Every relationship has its ying and yang, is there anything characteristically that you both have that really balances your relationship?

Adrian: We both have similar qualities, good and bad. We’re both perfectionistic in different areas. Shane is generally more organised, he makes lists etc. I’m chaotic. So it balances things out.

Would you guys coinsider getting hitched when the referendum goes through?

Adrian: Fuck yeah. Hopefully people will go out and vote YES on May 22nd.

Any weird quirks you admire about each other (sorry super cheese I know) but we all have them.

Shane: When Adrian sits at the dinner table the first thing he does is switch his knife and fork to the opposite sides even though he’s right handed. Also when he’s concentrating he sticks out his tongue and twiddles his beard hair. It’s adorable.




What are your plans for the future?

Shane: We’re planning a few secret projects right now that we can’t talk about just yet. We’re also gonna be exhibiting more internationally in the next year or two. It would be nice to work more on photography and video pieces. And maybe more commercial work and collaborations.




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