Aprils Event Guide: What Not To Miss In Dublin This Month!

April 3, 2018 – News

LADS, April is here! The unofficial starting date for hoards of people to begin attempting to achieve that summer bod, whilst praying to the big man that Dublin will be graced with a vitamin D filled summer. Alongside the awakening of Spring’s flowers, numerous bespoke events have sprung-up around our talented city. Here is what not to miss this month!


1. Trinity College Science Gallery Presents ‘Fake’

Where? Trinity College’s Science Gallery (duh.)

When? All of April & May.


The wonderful team at Trinity’s science gallery are hosting an exhibition surrounding the theme of ‘fake’. Although hosted in Trinity’s hub, it is completely free and welcoming to any passers-by.  However, I cannot promise no one will scream “she doesn’t even go here”.

So, treat yourself, learn the magic of science and grab a coffee in the cute café below (they give you coffee in science flasks, so glam its Insta worthy).

For More Information, Click here.




2. Tandem Felix

When? April 5th

Where? The Workman’s Club

The talented Tandem Felix return after their recent sell-out show at Whelan’s. If you are into the moody, spacey indie-rock type vibe, you cannot miss this. Let’s all wear skinny jeans, and weep at the serious beauty conveyed by thee, Tandem Felix.

Click here for more information:


3. Laoise

When? April 10th

Where? Whelan’s (upstairs)

Laoise, where do I start… I am LITERALLY obsessed. Hailing from Galway, this pop star may be the next Lorde, Dua Lipa, OR BRITNEY (okay, I know I went too far – no human can live up to the Spears).

Bringing a cold breeze through the constraints of pop, Laoise’s alternative twist on the saturated genre is being praised heavily on streaming platform Spotify. With recently teaming up with DFL records (home to pop sensation, Soule), Laoise’s new track ‘Bother’ is the definition of a banger.    I’m excited to see her again.. for the 5th time maybe? Super fan, I am.


Tickets can be found here.

4. Basic Talks: Trans Live Art Salon.

Where? Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery

When? April 13th


Interested in the trans-movement in Ireland at the moment? This is going to be not only artistically eye-catching but also informative and insightful.

Live Art Salon is a collective of trans and GNC artists that aim to elevate trans voices in art and media, to work together to change narratives around trans folk and to create art together.

Let’s come together, understand one another’s battles, and push equality further.

For more information on this event, click here.



5. Music x Tech Experience at Dublin Tech Summit 2018

When? April 17th

Where? The Convention Centre, Dublin.


CALLING ALL MUSIC NERDZ, this is going to be a geeky filled wonderland.

The Summit will explore how technology is changing the music industry, and how we can use music experiences to enhance our lives. Discover the influence it has on our behavior, the rise of Artificial intelligence and the next generation of instruments. And at all times we’ll ask the question, at what point is tech liberating and at what point will we lose control?


To find out more, click here.


6. All The Luck In The World

When? 19th April

Where? The Workman’s Club


All The Luck In The World are three Irish songwriters currently based in Berlin, and happen to be the soundtrack to my first heartbreak – yes really.

Everyone has been patiently awaiting the lads return after the debut of their self-titled album in 2014. Four years on, they have FINALLY released their second album ‘A Blind Arcade’, and jaysis, it is magnificent. They are on a super cute European tour with their delicately powerful songs of hurt, romance, and strength, gracing Dublin on the 19th of April.

Be sure to catch the magical storytellers live, and witness numerous peoples tears being shed, including me. What could be more eventful?

Tickets can be found by clicking here.


7. Pillow Queens

When? April 21st

Where? The Workman’s Club.

Another gig in Workman’s? YES. Expect I promise you, these bad bitches are not to be missed.

The four-piece indie, punk band (with possibly the best band name ever) is made up of 4 beautiful, multi-talented musicians, who are empowering young women to get up and be as badass as them. I was lucky enough to catch them live at the Other Voices festival, and they blew my mind!

This is their biggest headliner to date, so you MUST attend, dance, head-bob, and cheer for the almighty queens!

Tickets are on sale now.


8. Sharon Needles

Where? The Button Factory

When? 27th of April

“Did you say Sharon Needles? Thee Sharon Needles?”


Drag Race fans, let us sissy that walk right the way to Button Factory for our Queen of season 4, Sharon Needles! She will be bringing her finest sass with ‘The Battle Axe Tour’, and we cannot contain our excitement!

Expect lip-syncing, dead-drops, and excessive amounts of shade.

GURRRRRL, you better WERK and get yo’ tickets!