6 Cheap Date Ideas In Dublin

September 25, 2019 – News

6 Cheap Date Ideas In Dublin

Today’s dating world is intense, right?

I mean, where are the days when people simply walked up to you and just asked for your number? This now romanticized idea of love has turned into us scrolling through apps trying to find someone half bearable.

To make things worse, all these countless dates are bloody pricy and can burn a hole in one’s pocket, and you don’t want to be that person that a) expects the other half to pay (feminism etc), or b) refuses dates due to lack of funds.


You deserve to find love without a financial debt, especially with the hoards of frogs you have to kiss. To keep the dream alive and the idea of cats from being more probable, H&G has designed a list of cheap date ideas in Dublin you can go on that won’t break the bank. Plus, you should be saving for H&G’s Christmas Dining Experience, I mean, look at the craic that was had last year. 

Can I get a HELL YAS?

  1. Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk

Scenic view off a cliff to sea

Before I get started, I know this isn’t in Dublin so don’t @ me, okay?

This is the perfect date for any sporty types that want to test whether their potential match is:

  1. fit and fun
  2. A gym shark/protein munching fan
  3. Most importantly, a good future dog walker.


Although it’s a bit of a journey, if you hop on the good oul’ dart it will only take you 40 minutes from Dublin city centre for a few euros.

While you’re there you could visit The Harbour Bar for a pint of plain, The Happy Pear for some veggie goodness OR if you are severely broke, we suggest you be mad cute and prepare a picnic to have within the swan sanctuary (yes, there is a swan sanctuary in bray – madness.)


  1. Tandem bikes in Phenoix park

couple and michael d higgins in the park with their bikes

I don’t know about you lot, but I adore a goofy character that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

How to test this? Tandem Bikes, obviously.

In Michael D’s stunning garden you cycle around seeing the sites in style for €20. Make it your mission to find the lovely deer that roam freely around the park. Alongside it being hilarious craic, it’s also pretty beautiful.

*Top tip, bring snacks. Allow no divas come out to play due to hunger x


  1. Toasties in Grogans


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Let’s be real here, dinners are expensive. The issue is, I am a self-proclaimed fat bitch that loves to eat.

Solution? Toasties and a pint of plain in J. Grogans.

This tested combination of deliciousness will only set you back about €11 and give you the chance to pretend you aren’t high maintenance. It’s a win, win really.


  1. Ruby Sessions 


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Are you a music fan and want to help a good cause?

Well then, The Ruby Sessions is made for you. With the best rising talent from Ireland and some star appearances from the likes of Hozier, Damien Rice & Ed Sheeran, this candlelit acoustic session of a Tuesday night could be your answer.

If you haven’t attended this night before, it is for avid music fans. If you even whisper when an act is on, expect to be shh’d violently.

The positive of this is that you don’t need to keep the conversation rolling from start to finish. Let the singer-songwriters calm your social anxiety whilst you desperately try to plan the next 3 topics of conversation between each intermission x

The night will cost you only €7 which is all donated to the Simons Community – so attending means your being sound whilst enjoying a cheap date in the expensive city of Dublin x


      1. The Hide-Out


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        Let me spell four letters that will convince you of this place entirely –


        Yep, you heard me, girl – bring in them warm cans and/or flagons of dry cider and make yourself comfortable amongst the pool or table tennis areas.

        Grab yourself a pool stick, smash them balls and show them whose boss x

        What will it cost?

        Sunday to Thursday €12 / Students €10 Per hour Per table. Friday & Saturday all day €15 per hour per table.