22 Cooleen

May 19, 2015 – Culture

A place called 22,

“Let me tell you a story of a place I once knew
It’s a grand old home with a top notch crew
It’s a musical house full of laughter and cheer
They’ll invite you inside and hand you a beer

Put on the kettle and let you fears settle
And read of the name cut into the metal
22 Cooleen, best house on the avenue
Be sure to bring ideas and give them all you have

For the rent is free, not a dime from your hand
But once in the door, you too are in the band
Contribute a verse, a picture or art
You’re now in the project so you better take part

Sleep will be little but the laugh will be large
And the music stays pumping from house to garage
So when you depart, and that is if you do
You won’t forget Cooleen and the house 22″

Written by Xander Beaumont in the house 22

Last month I heard of a musical & art project called 22 Cooleen. I met one of the guys from the project who told me to come visit the house and check it out. After checking them out on Facebook I immediately became excited and couldn’t wait to attend the project and play my part in making music with talented musicians. So what is 22 Cooleen? Who are they?


22 Cooleen: is an experimental creative project set-up and produced by Gary Boyd and Dan Kirby (left to right on the picture), it was running from April 1st to April 30th. The aim was to document the writing, recording, performing and overall artistic process of producing a music album with strangers from all over the world over a period of one month. On the 30th of April they helded a gig in sweeneys from the album they wrote in one month.

listen to ‘RTÉ 2XM: Can you make an album in one month?’ on audioBoom

The gig was absolutely epic ! It’s incredible what you can do with a brunch of creative and random artists from all over the world. I was absolutely blessed to have been given the opportunity to see these guys in action and witness first hand their beautiful project. The people I met in the house and at the gig were talented artists, people with beautiful soul and heart.



A few words from a German girl, Ina who took part in the project:

“It was rather a very lucky concidence. I found the 22 Cooleen event when I was searching for couchsurfers in Dublin. There were looking for artistically talented people and musicians. I told them about my work as 2D animation artist and my love for singing. I also brought two friends of mine with me: Hanna (who was photographing) and Tristan ( On the Guitar). We were invited over and spent the most amazing 5 days there!

There was so much inspiration, so much progress going on. We were there for the beginning of the project and did help with song writing and the recording of footage.

I did love it so much, that I really did regret to leave for Scotland. It was the 9th day of the project and I really wanted to see the end of the project, so instead of flying back home to Germany after Scotland I just changed plans and made my way back to 22 Cooleen! All on my own I went back to Dublin and did help with recording the music videos. I did a lot of the artwork for the 22Cooleen music video with the cardboard cut outs and I did sing back up vocal for the gig!

It was class!

22 Cooleen was not just a normal project for me, it became a home and a family. I fell in love with every single person in the house and all the positiv energy and the fun did absolutely make up for the lack of sleep. Even though I am back in Germany right now, I still feel a stong connection with the house and with all the people living there. It does not feel like the project is over. It actually feels like it is just getting started. Something this great can not be over just yet! It feels like I would want so many more people to experience this. I’ve been telling so many friends about it and all of them were very excited and would have loved to be there as well.

I am really gratefull for Dan and Gary for coming up with this idea and to keep up till the end!

Of course there is so much more to tell about 22 Cooleen, but I guess to get a real idea about how wonderful it was one would have to see the documentary or to be there themselves! 🙂 ”




The whole project was recorded every single day at the house and at the night of the gig. The project has entered into the final stages of production and soon a documentary about the project 22 Cooleen will be shown live on Saturday 23rd of May in the basement of Chillout Break Café, show starting at 6pm. This Live show will be part of the “10 days of cultural diversity”festival.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W38R0LmM0H8]

One video they made during the project

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ45yTrg_IE]


Find the full album, include shots from the gig in here.