2 Podcasts to School you in Comedy Podcasting

June 30, 2015 – Culture, Sound

Comedy is a big category of podcasts and I don’t like them. Except these two. The reason I think is comedy podcasts are either two interview-y or two performative. What I find most funny when listening to other podcasts are those authentic moments of humour. The unintentional ones. The ones were the presenters are laughing just a much as you are. Its unexpected. Its improvised which is why these two audio shows, I think are worth looking at to see what you can do are the following. Check out the previous article for general pointers for making a podcast in general.(link to main article)

1. We Have Concerns.


We Have Concerns, depending on how you describe it, can sound bizarre or unremarkable. Its two guys taking about the latest science/technology news, discussing the philosophical implications and drop into comedy improv based on their response to their conversation. Another way to describe it to two guys taking shit. A bit male-centric maybe but it is great. It totally works. It’s them speaking their minds on something (it can be profound or mundane) and then they find the moment to drop into a little improv, embodying concepts, characters, bits of scenes, then back into the topic as the two guys speaking into microphones. What makes it funny is that they don’t know when the humour is going to come from so when you’re laughing, they are laughing too.

Check out the new listener guide on the website for a better idea of the show


2. You Look Nice Today.


You Look Nice Today is a “journey of emotional hygiene”. I think that means confessions to things that are nagging them or causing anxiety in their lives. Although they are as far I can hear not completely true stories. More inspired by real life. The show is an improvised dialogue between these three men. What they talk about it is a little difficult to say. Its quite broad and can range from being a middle age male today to the next Napster. Don’t let the dates of the episodes put you off, while the content may be dated, it doesn’t detract from the humour. It possibly helps it. Their is a blurred sense of what is made up and what it is real. What really happened to them and what is being made up completely but they are enjoying themselves which makes the podcast all the more worthwhile.

Here is another start pack is you want to listen to more.

One final post is coming up about how to do a design podcast. I will compare and contrast between two shows that approach doing a design audio show differently.

Words: Sebastian Stephenson