1916 – Olympics 2016

August 24, 2016 – Festivals, News

A hundred years has passed since the revolution began for the independence of our country. Now, in 2016, we witness again sweat, blood and a lot of tears as our wonderful athletes proudly wear our green, white and orange at this year’s Olympics in Rio.

The Olympians themselves will say that this is only the tip of the iceberg for the efforts they have put in, through-out their life be where they are today.


For a country with only with a little over four million people, we must praise our wonderful Irish Olympians who have undoubtedly have sacrificed so much to get where they are today. We have witnessed records being broken, new personal bests, unfortunate biased judging, medals, but most importantly, we have witnessed inspiring people who are a great example to all, young and old generations of Ireland.


I would love to name them all, but here is a list of people of the inspiring athletes, which we should not forget, but to look as an example as they return back home.

Chloe Magee

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Playing 22 tournaments to get to Rio. Pure determination is what she has, to keep going, is something we should all be telling our children.


Fiona Doyle

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Living in Canada, where so many Irish emigrants have gone. She is a multiple record holder, 2x Silver 1xBronze at World University games. She encourages all of us to dream big.


Michael Conlan

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This athlete needs no introduction. A gold medallist in our eyes and a father. We all know he has a huge sporting career a head of him we look forward to continue to support him.

Olivier Dingley

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He is only 23 years old , with his first Olympics and after coming 8th in the final round. We can see a fantastic bright future.


Tori Pena

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Representing Ireland since 2010. Her open letter on hanging up the green uniform says everything..

“Since 2010 I’ve had the pleasure and absolute honour of representing Ireland. This morning was my last time putting on my uniform and proudly giving it my all. I’ve competed at 3 World Championships, 5 European Championships and 2 Olympic Games. But so much more importantly, I’ve had the honour to compete with some amazing women. (Seriously, women’s pole vault is on fire and I’m happy to say I’ve competed with these athletes)I’ve made friends with ladies from around the world who have shown me strength, courage, bravery and joy. This journey has been painstaking and heart wrenching. It’s been beautiful and profound. I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought imaginable. Believe in yourself people, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve. I also can’t even begin to name all the people who have helped me along the way. From high school coaches and school teachers. To my amazing truing partners, coaches and therapists. Friends and athletes who have picked me up from the airport at strange hours and given me a place to sleep or a ride to the next meet with my poles. The list goes on full of odd and obscure favours from people in the pole vault community and far beyond. I’ve loved every minute of it! thank you, thank you, thank you” 


Annalise Murphy

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Coming 4th in London. She did Ireland proud getting a well deserved medal. A great example, to not give up on your dreams. We also admire her very supportive team behind her giving us great live updates and her gorgeous brother’s shamrock suit!!

Tom Barr

Follow him: https://twitter.com/TomBarr247

What a man. He missed out by 0.05 seconds to a medal, but still managed to beat a national record. He didn’t think he had it in him, but he showed determination, that he has it. His story to Rio is unique, there were many occasions where he thought he would be giving up, with college and injuries. He has proved to all of us, that the road to success is faced with many opportunities to give up, but the importance is to keep going.


Sara Treacy

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She is a qualified doctor, who has taken a career break to focus on the Olympics. Sporty, beauty and brains. Some people seem to have it all.


Katie Taylor 

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Winning gold in London. She is still and will remain an Irish champion forever.

Ciara Mageean

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She’s only 24 and having reached the semi finals we are super proud!! For sure we will be looking out for her in the finals in Toykyo 2020


Lizzie Lue

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A mother, an employee at Apple down in Cork. She is a wonder woman.


Fionnuala Mc Cormack

Beating Lizzie Lue, Fionnuala scored a time of 2:31:22 only 7 minutes behind the winner in Rio’s marathon.

Anyone who runs in the heat in Rio, let alone for more than 2 hours deserves gold bars, let alone gold medals. Stunning performance Fionnuala!

Greg Brodericks

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Troting his way to Rio, he is a true champion.


Bryan Keane

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Back in 2010, there was no vision of 2016 Olympics as he was hit by a car shattering his knee cap. The surgeorn, told him you wouldn’t be able to compete again. People call him a warrior, a champion, as he refused to take no for an answer.


Rob and Marian Heffernan

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Relationship goals are Rob and Marian. They have both competed in previous Olympics, they have a shared website, Facebook, Twitter to follow their story of success. Go on you power couple!


So as we close off with the closing ceremony and as our hero’s come back home. Let’s remember the example they show to us, which we got a glimpse off this year’s 2016 Olympics, which I am sure Michael Collins and the lads would be super proud of.