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The Light Tent Dinner

The light tent was one of our most intimate events and was definitely no ordinary dinner party. We took
inspiration from Coleridge’s great romantic work ‘Kubla Kahn’, the remote beauty of Bedouin
culture, and the ethereal shadow play of early cinema to create an evening of visual, aural
delights and hedonistic pleasures. We transformed the cozy Victorian surroundings of 509
South Circular Rd into a nomadic den of iniquities by creating a giant blanket fort!

We loved the cozy and intimate atmosphere and all 16 guests were good friends by the end of the evening. Guests were treated to middle-­eastern cuisine with a meze-­style feast designed by Emer Brady. The night featured a gleaming mirage of shadow puppetry accompanied by a live soundtrack from some of Ireland’s prominent fringe musicians, projections and theatrical dream weaving from the Petty cash collective.

This was definitely no tea tent, so we asked attendees to leave their Mary Jane’s and inhibitions at the door and come dressed to impress in their finest silks or pj’s. It resulted in such a magical night.

1st of March 2014

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