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The House of Kitsune – Halloween Festival

Follow the dancing fox through moonlit walkways in search of bright neon lights, and the faint whispers of strangers you have yet to meet…

This was the third year of our famous Tall tales Halloween gatherings, every year we pick a different theme, folklore story or writer to take inspiration from. This year we took our guests on a journey to the far east as we spun tall tales of the Kitsune, a notorious Japanese folklore story of the nine tailed fox a creature that had the power to shape shift into a beautiful women, often leading unsuspencing men to their untimely deaths.

We wanted to bring the tale of the Kitsune to life across three areas set in the beautiful grounds and surroundings of a large mansion estate in co. Meath. Taking inspiration from Japanese culture we created contemporary interpretations of the story of kitsune. Combines music, art, set design, performance, wellness and fancy dress.

We encouraged guests to shape shift with us for the evening as we curated a night with story and character, setting the scene for a sense of escapism and spooky child like wonder.