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The Affirmation Booth Instillation

The affirmation booth was a collaborative project between Collective Dublin, Cupl digital agency and H&G Creations. This was a passion project between the three collectives, the objective was to create and hold space for members of the community and the general public.

How we achieved this was by creating a hot pink confessional booth, placing it in the public domain, this confessional booth would have one stranger on the inside. Guests were invited to come into the booth where our stranger would shower them with positive affirmations and love instead of penance.

Our guests expressions and responses were documented before and after their experience in the affirmation booth. And compiled into video format for the public to view, this project was created the intention of sparking conversation about mental health, counciling, mindfulness and positivity.

Collaboration with:

Cupl Agency

Collective Dublin