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Strangelove Valentines Party

Strangelove took inspiration from cheesy nostalgia disco ballrooms and big kid parties, we created an intimate evening to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique fashion. We found the perfect underground location that had it’s very on conservatory, wondrous caves and the huge dance floor right in the heart of the city. We created a giant but intimate blanket fort for our attendees to climb into complete with and fairy light stargazing and sugary snacks.

The event ‘All Fur No Knickers’ is all about stepping out of yourself and being exactly who you want to be for that evening, with no regrets. Our attendees always surpass our expectations and we were delighted to see the lengths they went to create their alter egos for the event. The atmosphere was electric, with a sense of childlike wonder. Games like truth and dare got people talking, our burlesque performers got people dancing, and our in house makeup artist Lorcan had everyone laughing a usual! When the night came to a close all our guests went home with new friends and fresh memories!

13th of Feb 2015