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H&G Rebel in Love Area at Pride Festival

H&G Creations were honoured to host our second year in Merrion Square as part of the Pride Festival Celebrations. 2016 was a special year in Ireland as we were celebrating the 1916 Easter Rising. A golden moment in Irish history where 100 years ago freethinkers fought for a new and remarkable Ireland. It reminds us to strive for greatness, for unity, for independence and for acceptance. 
We were also given the chance to honour the passing of one of the world’s most exceptional people in music to date, David Bowie. Using our tent in Merrion Square to create a vibrant homage to Bowie and to the 1916 rising, we imagined the Rebel in Love tent.
A bold and shimmery transient home in the park for people to enjoy live performance, spoken word, dancing workshops, sing alongs and music over the course of the day, a chance to break down the rigid confines of the traditional Ireland with all that vibrant colours, playfulness and edginess that is quintessentially Bowie. The atmosphere was palpable and nothing short of a colourful celebration of love. 
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