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Paddy & Ciara’s Gothic Wedding

Paddy and Ciara are a very special couple with a unique aesthetic, they wanted to host a beautiful gothic wedding for their for their big day, creating something that was quite personal to them. Becoming one of H&G’s most exciting projects to date, we have a soft spot for all things natural and bringing nature indoors, we quickly became very enthusiastic about the project.

They wanted to create a bespoke alter and look for the ceremony something of an enchanted forest, spooky, beautiful and ethereal. We spent many weeks collecting and cutting lengths of white and creme fabric to turn into a hanging installation that would be the main feature of the wedding.

We collected as much foliage as we could get our hands on, old branches, greens, dried flowers, leaves and ferns. As well as taxidermy animals, old wine and poison bottles, lengths of fabric and any other props that we could use to make the room feel as full and magical as possible. Finally creating a full length runway for our lovely bride made entirely out of real moss. Transporting our bride and groom to their dreamy gothic forest wedding, all set in an unusual city centre warehouse.

It was a magical day and we were so delighted everything came together just as our bride and groom had imagined. We wish Paddy and Ciara every happiness in their new partnership together.


“We picked Hunt and Gather to work with us for our wedding because we loved their aesthetic – having been to their events, their mix of other-world fairytale with a dark edge was exactly the kind of vibe we wanted to create. It was a brilliant collaboration from beginning to end, and the ladies of H&G absolutely knocked it out of the park. Our friends and family were blown away by what they created in the blank canvas warehouse space of the Chocolate Factory. With a boot-strappy mindset, they got to foraging and collecting bits and pieces of decor and ideas for us over the course of a year, never losing sight of our overall vision and aesthetic, and always checking in with us to be sure they were on the right track. It was a tricky brief, because we wanted a very dark, gothic vibe – many other wedding planners and designers would have found it hard to push the envelope – worrying what they were going for wasn’t ‘weddingy’ enough. This was never a question for H&G, who totally embraced the different style we wanted, and made our wedding utterly magical and way way beyond what we thought they could achieve on a tight budget. Thanks so much to H&G for an absolutely epic, mindblowing and magical day” Paddy & Ciara¬†