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Moët & Chandon Get Rosémantic Window Displays

Moët & Chandon is one of our favourite brands to work with so we were very excited to get the opportunity to collaborate with them in order to make several bespoke window display/visual merchandising displays to help them promote their Rosé champagne offering just in time for Valentines.

We took inspiration from this sleek, luxury brands packaging and colour palettes as well as story lines deep rooted in love and Valentines itself. We looked into the story of Cupid, how this translates to love and desire, how he was the son of Venus. Using the iconic arrow and feathers as symbolic references for Cupid.

These arrows became the main feature to frame the beautiful bottles of Moët & Chandon, making them the star of every window display we created across Ireland for this “Get Rosémantic” campaign. We also used hot pinks, rose golds, silks and crushed velvets to emphasis the Rosé taste being highlighted for Valentines.

Photos by Erica Coburn