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House of Yes – NYC

House of Yes is an all-inclusive, safe space club, art and performance space located in Brooklyn NYC. We had come to know this space from our Burning Man community and instantly fell in love.

H&G Creations Ltd. were beyond delighted at the opportunity to collaborate with House of Yes New York City on their in house party “House of Love”. A fetish night calling out to all the leather and PVC enthusiasts in Brooklyn. We were very excited at the thought of being about to co-create with this iconic NYC club and quickly went to work to curate installation pieces and live performances to compliment the theme “Sacred Sins”

We really wanted to bring some Irish flavour to NYC so we took inspiration from the deep seating catholic influences in Ireland. Coming at them with a bit of tongue in cheek humour and sarcasm. We created two large scale installation pieces, “The Loving Bed” an altar-like bed, adorned with church candles, rosary beads, flowers, statues, neon lights and dildos. A homage to sexual liberation, and liberation from the restraints of the church.

The second was “The Sacred Clitoris” a vagina house we built out of silk and velvet. This was a Photo Booth where guests could give birth to the best new version of themselves by simply walking through the sacred space.

Photography: Erica Coburn