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The Heavens & The Deep Blue Sea Dining Experience

The Heavens & The Deep Blue Seas Dining Experience

Our Christmas dining experience is our longest running event, every year we team up with irelands best performers, chiefs and event stylists. As we treat our guests to an evening of original theatre, spoken word, music, art and food. “The Heavens and the Deep Blue Sea” was a dinner and show of the likes our guests had never seen before.

Set within a historical 300 year old tenement building, where time stands still and the real world disappears, H&G will guided each guest through the drawing room for hot welcome drinks to watch the story of two star crossed lovers by roaring fires at No. 12 Henrietta Street. As our story unfolds and stomachs grow hungry, our attendees were led up the winding stairs of this charming Georgian building to be served a 3 course meal, gathered from delicious homegrown produce.

Using reclaimed and recycled materials, the grand drawing rooms of No.12 Henrietta Street we’re transformed into a strange other worldly kingdom. A surreal adventure was had, a journey of boundless promise all in the name of love!

Food: The luncheonette
Performance: Spooky Beour Collective

Styling: H&G Creations
Photos: Eilis Doherty