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Facebook Summer Party

Facebook approached H&G with the idea of an in house office party the theme would be LA summer party. We quickly jumped into ways to bring this to life in an office setting. Working on key break away spaces for fun and immersion as well as engaging photo back opportunity areas.

Taking inspiration from iconic scenes in LA like the Hollywood sign and the walk of fame, and incorporating elements of a tropical pool party. We brought in festoon lighting, paper lanterns and palm trees bring the out door party indoors. Props, party poppers, costumes and bubbles to set up fun, playful photo opportunity areas. A stand alone fiesta themed piñata station, and finally a large scale ball pit for guests to really channel their inner big kid.

We were so excited for the opportunity to surprise the staff of the Facebook building with a stellar in house party, bringing a fun, colourful playground for them to get lost in for the evening