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A Dr Seuss Christmas Performance & Dining Experience

Dr Seuss an influential writer and one of our childhood favourites, was the theme for this years annual Christmas Experience. With such a wildly imagination, we felt we could create a miniature world, through performance, fancy dress, art instillations and character creation we could take our guests on a journey through the mind of Dr Seuss through H&G’s eyes.

Hosted in a 300 year old tenement’s building where time stands still and the real world disappears, this venue always sets the tone for an other worldly evening. Taking a contemporary approach to Dr Seuss, our performance collective Spooky Beour wrote original performance pieces taking inspiration from some of Dr Seuss most memorable characters like Thing One & Thing Two, The Cat In The Hat, Horton Hears a Who and The Grinch.

H&G created elaborate tablescapes and room dressing to compliment the underlying themes of the performances. Through the use of decorative folded books, illustrative Dr Seuss cut outs, striped cat in the hat themed candle holders, festive wild flowers, gold paper cranes, guided bird cage and glitter! Working closely with Blacksheep Catering Collective & Spooky Beour to fill the bellies and the imaginations of our guests to the brim, and send them home grinning ear to ear.

Every year we use our Christmas experience as an opportunity to slow things down, to bring friends, families and strangers together, to create new connections. Over food and performance, we strive to bring our guests an experience to remember and a chance to start the festive season in style whilst in good company.