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Dinner de los Muertos

“Dia de los Muertos,” is a celebration of life and of those who have passed away. We love the
idea of rejoicing in the unseen world around us, and after doing much research into this tradition we were delighted to host a public dinner on the 2nd of November. We chose The Back Loft as our setting, and it being a white wall Gallery it lent itself well to the transformation.

We created bespoke hanging centre pieces using wild flowers, dead branches, and tulle to drape over the long banquet tables. Using a Yurt as our focal point at the head of the table it gave the room a more intimate and fairy tail atmosphere. In keeping with the theme, we covered the floors with dead leaves and laid down fairy lights to add to the ambience. At our events we love for the audience to feel apart of the experience and highly encouraged fancy dress. Our guests did not disappoint and were very much the heart of the night! We drew savory inspirations from New Orleans and Deep South dishes to create the menu in collaboration with Gruel Guerilla. We love adding the small details to our events and we offered each guest a sweet Mexican inspired sugar skull to take home with them as a party favor!

Guests were treated to tarot card reading from the talented Mademoiselle Fabriana and a live spooky musical performances by the wonderful Rufus Coates & the Blackened Trees. Everything came together after much preparation and all guests were sent home after an evening honouring the souls of the dead.

2nd of November 2013

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