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A Survival Guide to Dublin Pride

June 26, 2019 – Uncategorized

AGH, we are at the most stunning time of year – DUBLIN PRIDE. If there is one thing we look forward to, it’s seeing all the heteros get behind us beautiful queers.


Not only does it make us feel accepted beyond words, but also v on trend and 100% seen.

H&G hold the month of Pride like no other. Not only have we worked on such STUNNING same-sex weddings, but we also hosted a stunning tent for pride village in 2016.

With all that being said, our all-time favourite element of pride is spectating those unfamiliar with the gay scene. Like fish out of water, these confused supporters get lost in the jungle of colour, gays & queens. Like, to be fair it’s a sensory overload for the best of us.

NEVER FEAR MY HETERO CHILDREN. We at H&G have compiled a guide for you to survive the beauty of pride’s antics.


Know The Lingo:

LGBTQ letters laid out

There is a whole other langue to learn when it comes to queer lingo. The list is vast with sarcastic claws at the forefront of every tongue twist.

The shade gays can throw is an art form, and takes years of practice. However, H&G do recommend you learn to incorporate the basic principles into that stunning vocab of yours this Saturday:






  1. expressing great pleasure or excitement.

“Yaaaaas! Werk it hunni!”


If you see someone wearing a look, and I mean a LOOK, just scream “YAAAAAS” and click those fingers. Honestly, this is the highest compliment that can be given.






  1. To destroy something in a positive, fierce manner.

“I am ready to slay the day, bitch.”


Slay can mean “to kill a person or animal,” “to make someone laugh,” “to have sex with someone,” or “to do something spectacularly well,” especially when it comes to fashion, artistic performance, or self-confidence. If you are feeling yourself, just mention how much you are SLAYING THIS DAY/LOOK/WALK, cause baby – you are.






  1. To be amazed or stunned by someone or a situation of some kind

“OMG I AM GAGGED, did you see that death drop!”


Confusing I know, but this is not what you may think it is. Not to be confused with choking on a food item or other items.. *ahem*.. the gay gagging is rather if you are hypothetically choking because of the shock and amazement.. is that making sense? Are you gagged? I am so totally gagged.


Death drop

/de-eath dr-oup/



  1. . An impressive dance move that involves dropping from standing height to the splits, with one knee remaining bent.

“If you can death drop, you can walk with us.”


OK, so this isn’t something to say so much, but rather something to do for those of you who want to go the extra mile. If you pull this off, you will be welcomed to the highest tier of gaydom. How to do it? Watch and learn boys & girls:


Understand the Street 66 Politics

front of bar street 66

Ah, Street 66. I feel like every good night has me stumbling through those doors.

Nicknamed the Flounge by many, this bar-come-club is the home of gays of both genders and everyone in between. However, it is hard not to notice the divide. Daddy’s in the back, dykes in the front – am I right?

Are you asking yourself, where do I belong? GURL, ANYWHERE.

This is inclusive space. Don’t be shaken by the gals having pre-drinks before Spinsters roof party at the front, or the lads in the back shifting the face off each other before heading to The Hub for Mother’s after party, you go wherever feels right.



Know The Queens of Dublin

Look, the queens in Dublin are like royalty. Don’t mess with them, they bite x

Who are the queens you ask? Here are a few to keep aware of;

Panti Bliss


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Hong Konged 📷s x @PhillyMc

A post shared by pantibliss (@pantibliss) on

Yep, she is our queen of Ireland.

She has pushed us in the right direction for years, whilst giving us the stunning Panti Bar & the newly opened Penny Lane.

If you see her, get on them knees and bow, bitch.

If you don’t know who she is, you have been officially uninvited to pride, thanks x


Pixie Woo


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Ahh Pixie Woo, such a local celeb. With a sharp tongue and gas tweets, she pulls look after look.

So yes, as explained before: if you see her scream “YAS QUEEN”, then she might even play that awful song you requested.


Cormac Cashman


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I know what you’re thinking;

“why is that guy that always pops up on my Grindr in this list?”

Well hunni, you know that shift you got in Mother last week? Cormac is to thank.

The goddess of the night realm, Cormac has been putting on the best parties in Dublin for as long as we can remember (old queen alert x). Mother, SweatBox, Prhomo, Block Party and recently the new LGBTQ festival ‘Love Sensation’, Cashman controls the gays every move in Dublin.

We at H&G love him, appreciate him, and forever idolize his viral one-liners on his socials.

There is still tickets left for Love Sensation, go get um’ before they sell out.


One Must Only Eat Gay Spar’s Chicken Rolls


What?!?! There is a Gay spar?

Yas, bitch, there is.

On the same street as The George is the beloved Gay Spar.

This is the only deli you will be allowed to purchase a delicious chicken fillet roll.


They provide gays with the most beautifully scaldy chicken fillet rolls week-after-week. It is the least we can do. Someone has even made a Twitter for them. 



Remember Why People are Marching

With all that said and done, it is important to remember Pride is not just a big sesh.

When you are marching down them streets of Dublin, remember how many people fought to make this happen, to make the oppression soften so we can be our truest-selves.

When you are screaming, singing & dancing, remember that it is with pride. You are part of a movement that allows each and every individual present themselves without fear.

Although it may not be a big deal for you, our community still struggle every day with the oppression from certain people assholes that live among our society. Stand tall with us, and reassure that you support every unique soul that walks on them streets.

It is such a wonderfully emotional day. Spread the love, spread the joy & diminish the fear.


H&G x